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Marketing & Market Management: Product, Solutions, and Services

The INSIGHT Group provides in depth capabilities and proven methodologies to assist clients with their marketing strategies and plans for products, solutions and services. INSIGHT delivers unique hands-on expertise for companies that are depending on revenue and profit from a combination of products and services…helping them to balance and optimize their resources for effective and efficient go-to-market plans. The methodologies primary focus are on delivering solutions that focus on your clients requirements, needs and associated value…emphasizing target segmentation, an end-to-end set of marketing processes and actionable deliverables. Marketing practice offerings include:

INSIGHT delivers specific expertise regarding key aspects of the marketing process and it’s linkage to other key processes such as sales, skills development and services delivery. This includes drilling into key activities including competition, pricing methodologies, product and offering positioning and marketing metrics.

Value to the Client.....

INSIGHT clients have experienced significant improvement in the effectiveness of their marketing processes. Benefits include:


INSIGHT uses our intellectual capital and hands on experience to help our clients focus on the marketing process areas that will yield the most return to the client’s business. We use a combination of assessments, best practices workshops, and interactive joint team working sessions that help drive skills transfer to client personnel.

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