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Denny Sigloh, Co-founder & Director

Denny Co-founded The INSIGHT Group in 1996. Prior to INSIGHT, an IBM career included executive experience in sales, marketing, product and general management. He managed IBM’s product development and sales/marketing operations in their Analytical Instruments Division. He chaired a task force for IBM North America to develop IBM’s marketing strategy for the 90’s with a specific focus on the development and implementation of services. He then managed IBM’s entry in the commercial systems integration marketplace. Following that assignment, Denny directed IBM’s worldwide development, marketing and sales activities in the GIS software business segment.

At INSIGHT he has been instrumental in the development of the company’s methodologies that have been proven in field use with clients across multiple industry segments with a primary focus in the software, healthcare and process industries for Tier 1, 2 and 3 companies.

This includes the development of Customer “Wants and Needs” Assessment, a customer centric approach that identifies unique, high value customer requirements and the development of highly effective sales coverage / channel management models and strategies which optimize overall revenue growth.

Denny led the development of an in-depth analysis of the services impact on the growth and profitability of software firms. And, has developed and implemented new customer satisfaction models which include win/loss reporting and analysis to improve customer loyalty.

Denny has also served on the boards of directors of three high technology start-up companies.

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Ph: (540) 421-1058

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