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Welcome to The INSIGHT Group

The INSIGHT Group is a management consulting firm specializing in:

  • Building new and renovating existing services businesses and practices.
  • Mapping core competencies and offerings across a services continuum that spans from consulting to project-based services to delivering capabilities as a service.
  • Understanding customers’ wants & needs and developing prioritized list of high impact opportunities for market expansion & value creation.
  • Developing operational services & solutions strategies and business plans that help clients rapidly move to a high growth services & solutions business
  • Designing and assisting in the implementation of best-in-class global coverage strategies and plans targeted on optimizing services, solutions and product success with specific emphasis is on global enterprise accounts and delivering differentiated customer value.

Increasingly, customers value integrated solutions and capabilities that are delivered as a service as opposed to piece-part products. In this demanding market, support, services, and account management are critically important elements of the overall business solution mix. INSIGHT is composed of highly skilled executives who have demonstrated successful achievements as line managers in Fortune 50 environments. The key to INSIGHT’s success is our extensive experience in running large scale product and services businesses, our understanding of industry best practices, and our structured, process-driven methodologies that address all the essential elements of a business strategy, operation plan and management system.

By providing comprehensive coverage from strategic planning to post-implementation management and training, INSIGHT simplifies the process of entering into the business solutions arena and helps optimize existing business solutions offerings. We have organized our business around practice areas which cover Go To Market, Business Management, and Talent Management. Hover on the link in the navigation bar above and select a Practice Area to learn more about our capabilities and how we can help your company become more successful in the SERVICES BUSINESS!

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