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Selling Value-added Services and Solutions

The INSIGHT Group has recently led seven sessions at the Strategic Account Management Association (SAMA) Annual Conference and the ASU Center for Services Leadership Annual Symposium. Feedback was received from almost 200 participants indicating ‘what’s working’ and ‘what’s not’ regarding selling and delivering value added services and solutions in their companies. There were major gaps identified in both the sales processes and services business. Over 50% of the participants who responded to the services sales survey said –

Over 50% of the respondents to the services and solution survey said –

Services and Solutions Readiness*

At the Strategic Account Management Association (SAMA) Annual Conference and ASU Center for Services Leadership Symposium, four Insight Group partners - Ed Petrozelli, Dr. Steve Brown, Gus Maikish and Mike Byrnes - participated in seven sessions on growing and selling value added services and solutions. Six INSIGHT clients joined the sessions as executive panelists sharing their challenges and lessons learned. Attendees provided feedback on a self-assessment questionnaire at the beginning of each session. The participants were ‘self-selected’ and the insights provided are revealing.

What are their key strengths and top sales and services challenges?

The majority of the executives responded positively on the following topics –

The largest gaps identified in the sales and services business were –

Below is a summary of the responses from the 118 customers who completed the services sales survey and the 71 customers completed the services solution survey.

Question Strongly Agree & Agree Strongly Disagree & Disagree
1. We have a formal agreed to Services Solutions Strategy and Business Plan (including a dedicated Leader). 70% 30%
2. Senior management is committed to and an advocate of the Services Solutions Strategy and Business Plan.
70% 30%
3. We have a separate services solutions P&L with specific metrics and accounting practices for our services and solutions business. 44% 56%
4. We have the capabilities (especially dedicated service professionals) to develop, market and deliver service solutions. 57% 43%
5. We are able to rapidly commit and share resources and assets between our product and service solutions business. 37% 63%
6. We have a dedicated Service Marketing Leader and budget. 52% 48%
7. We have formal processes for assessing customer wants and needs for service solutions. 43% 57%
8. We have formal processes for customer satisfaction management for service solutions. 42% 58%

* The Analysis is based on a total of 42 ASU/CSL respondents and 29 SAMA responses for a total of 71 responses.

Selling Value-added Services and Solutions*

Question Strongly Agree & Agree Disagree & Strongly Disagree
1. A sales coverage model is in place that supports account relationship management and services/solutions business development. 73% 27%
2. We have dedicated business development (service/solutions sales) teams in place.
76% 24%
3. The business development teams are trained and proficient in consultative selling. 41% 59%
4. Our services/solutions sales plan leverages a services/solutions specific strategic account program. 46% 54%
5.Account managers and Service practice leaders have deep understanding of the customer’s industry and the top services needs and solutions. 49% 51%
6. Key services delivery professionals are involved in the selling process. 65% 35%
7. Compensation and incentive programs are in place that focus on rewarding individuals and teams for selling valued services and business solutions contracts. 40% 60%
8. We have common documented processes for sales engagement/deal making with clear roles and responsibilities. 38% 62%
9.We have common documented processes for identifying, selling and rolling out multiple mass customized ‘first of a kind’ services offerings. 27% 73%

* The Analysis is based on a total of 40 ASU/CSL respondents and 78 SAMA responses for a total of 118 responses.