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Availability Services

The INSIGHT Group offers comprehensive set of services to enable our clients to provide superior product support services to their customers at competitive prices. The focus is on developing and implementing a complete end-to-end service model that optimizes every facet of delivery to the needs of the end user customer. The services include:

Service Planning − designing and implementation planning for a highly effective service planning function.

Services Strategy − development of a strategy that dictates how the services are to be delivered and how they will be deployed.

Services Development − developing a set of product support offerings that can meet the requirements of the customer set and maximizes market penetration.

Developing Marketing and Sales Plans specific to the services, focusing on complementing the product.

Optimizing the service delivery functions:

Identifying the information management and automation systems required to manage the entire end-to-end process.

Implementing Continuous Improvement Management which would include analysis of customer satisfaction data, Internal Metrics and Quality Assurance Programs and formulation action plans to optimize delivery.

The INSIGHT Group’s deep experience in managing service delivery operations provides guidance to its clients through the entire process of implementing improvements into their businesses and when requested INSIGHT can project managers to oversee the implementations.

Value to the Client…………

Our clients experience significant improvements in service delivery that yield a much higher level of customer satisfaction. In addition, their service delivery mechanisms have been cost optimized to provide a maximum return and higher value to their customers.


The INSIGHT Group uses its proprietary methodologies to assist the client achieve the desired results. Typical engagements will begin with workshops and assessments to baseline current performance. A Gap Analysis will be developed identifying the differences between the current performance of the client and ”Best Practices” implementations. Plans will be developed identifying and prioritizing the initiatives required to close the gaps to yield the desired results.