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Services Strategy & Business Plan Assessment & Development

INSIGHT’s customer-based Services Strategy development model has allowed businesses to respond to customers’ changing view of value by renovating their services missions and strategies to enable them to deliver “services” globally and create real customer value. Key is defining and executing an effective Services Strategy that drives rapid profitable growth, high customer satisfaction, and loyalty. The defined strategic initiatives will address key business processes, a networked-based management system, and guiding principles that promote rapid commitment of intellectual assets, expertise and core competencies to solve customer specific business problems. Highly aligned services-focused processes will drive strategy execution with a management system that supports the cultural change required to successfully run a customer-focused, process-based services business.

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A key consideration in documenting a services strategy is to assure alignment with other strategic initiatives of the business, e.g., the overall go-to-market plan; key account(s) management; the channel partner strategy; etc. A ‘real-time’ strategy driven by operational / functional executives will create an innovative blueprint that will:


INSIGHT’s best practice methodology for strategy and supportive business plan development can be characterized as a modified “Delphi” approach. Working with the firm’s executive team, INSIGHT facilitates and participates in the assessment and development of key services strategies and initiatives. The process is based on “strategic improvising” (Real-Time Strategy by Perry, Scott, Smallwood) versus a traditional “tops down” planning approach. Through “strategic improvising” direction and customer focused actions are made at the operational level in real time, are team based, and updated on a continuous basis to keep in sync with dynamic market and customer environments. INSIGHT’s model fosters plan development and implementation based customer wants and needs, competitive positioning, opportunity management, solution business value verification, and customer validation …i.e., “voice of the customer.”

Key strategic questions that will be addressed include:

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